Gyanome has decided to initiate a series of public lectures for school students, teachers and the general public given by people in academia with the aim of : 
  1. Encouraging the participation of the public in scientific activities.
  2. Getting young students interested in the prospects and the exciting nature of science.
  3. Educating the public about the importance of science.
  4. Explaining to the public the topics in cutting edge scientific research.

Gyanome Scientist Hangout series 

1. Gyanome Hangout with Mr. Abhiram, Theoritical Physicist, Nottingham University.

Hangout with students from R. N. Podar School.

1. Hangout – i on Integers by Prof. Sujatha.

2. Second hangout by Prof. Rajesh.

 3. Third Hangout

4. Fourth Hangout with Mr. Manjil Saikia, Tezpur University.

5. Hangout (Exposition on primes by Prof. Sujatha)